The Mood Media Approach to In-Store Music For Business

At Mood Media, we currently have over 300,000 music clients using our in-store music service. It is estimated that 150 million people hear our in-store music for business every single day and we have the largest digital archive in the industry. We currently offer over 160 programs in 17 genres that are all fully licensed for peace of mind (our Licensing Team operates out of our Legal Department, maintaining relationships with performing rights organizations such as ASCAP, BMI and SESAC as well as with over 3,500 record labels and 30,000 publishers).

The average number of songs per program is around 800 with a range of 250-1200 songs limited (or unlimited) by the specific focus. Each one receives a formal update every 30-90 days but we work on our core in-store/retail music every day; looking for new content, removing old content and fine-tuning the design to include seasonal and holiday options. You can also manage and schedule your music or soundtrack online.

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At Mood Media, our background, retail and in-store music is designed specifically for business applications and we understand that there’s more to in-store music for business than shuffling a library of random songs. Music must be used to create an intentional and controlled experience for the client. Clients can choose from “out-of-the-box” music for specific target audiences to comprehensive custom solutions designed by professional Music Designers and Producers.

No matter which in-store music option you choose, you can look forward to high-quality sound, consistent volume, smooth transitions between songs and limited repetition or redundancy, with the appropriate message or lyrics.

Our Music For Business Solutions

Our three main categories are Core, Elements and Custom Music. We also offer Mood Mix (a streaming music solution) and Pandora Music for Business (a service we don’t directly sell but that can be purchased online and includes hardware that we provide). While the Internet is always the preferred delivery platform, custom in-store/retail music can be delivered on satellite and on-premise systems. You can either self-install or choose professional installation, and we have sound system packages and upgrades available.

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  • Mood Media Core Music
  • You can create interactive experiences that communicate personalized information. Manage, add and change it with ease. Centrally control images, videos and schedule information using an established content management system or get a general overview of viewing status and connectivity.

  • Mood Media Elements Music
  • You can offer flexible sales/promotions specific to locations across zones and formats. Use professional templates to feature personalized content or integrate contributions from partners such as Yahoo!, TripAdvisor and more. Automatically add news, weather and social media updates. Draw from back-up sources if needed.

  • Mood Media Custom Music
  • This offering is completely unique and customized to the client, and we build one track-by-track, using an in-depth, strategic approach to capture the client’s brand identity.

Mood Media In-Store Music Streaming

Mood Media offers streaming music as both a delivery option as well as a separate option for content for music in shops and for businesses.

  • Mood Mix
  • Mood Mix is our proprietary streaming music solution designed for in-store or business, offering Mood Mix quick and easy access to fully-licensed music. You can personalize soundtracks by mixing professionally designed playlists or elements. StreamingPlus technology ensures smooth playback without skips or interruptions. No device is required for purchase. Mood Mix uses the client’s existing internet-connected device (tablet, laptop, computer, etc.) and only requires a broadband internet connection.

  • Pandora for Business
  • Pandora is a popular in-store streaming music service, and Pandora for Business provides the same playlist technology as the consumer service but with a ProFusion iS connection and intermediary device to monitor content, licensed accordingly.

    Mood Media does not sell Pandora for Business, but acts as a partner for businesses wishing to use the service. We provide the delivery platform and billing services to the customer through online sales only.

Are you ready to experience in-store music for business, shops and retail environments customized to what your business, taste and budget requires? Then contact Mood Media today.