In a world of digital convenience, one might think that individualized service has gone the way of the dodo – which is why it’s not at all surprising that, according to recent studies, businesses who offer a personalized customer experience are quickly gaining ground with consumers. The interesting part of this insight is that the approach to providing tailored, personalized service is increasingly digital.

While easy access to technology has meant the homogenization of many products and services, the provision of a personalized customer experience is quickly becoming a critical factor in consumer choice. According to research recently published by Gartner, in an era where an overabundance of alternatives abides, consumers have little reason to remain loyal to a brand – making personalized customer experience the new standard for driving ongoing loyalty and engagement.

In fact, Gartner estimates that by 2018, companies which invest in personalization willoutperform their competitors by as much as 20%. And, while it may seem counterintuitive, the companies who are at the forefront of this new service-oriented initiative are those who’ve made efforts to leverage the same technology accused of de-humanizing retail to address their clienteles’ unique interests, needs, and personality – crafting a customer experience which speaks to the individual, personally.

This new approach to the digital experience hinges on relevancy, timing, and a focus on the individual – all concepts which, when applied correctly, result in a personalized customer experience that drives sales and inspires brand loyalty. To drive strong customer engagement, businesses need to ensure that their digital experience is created with a focus on these key concepts:

1. Speak to the individual. If you want to attract attention, speak to the customer about the things they care about. This requires getting to know your customers – not as a targeted demographic, but as individuals. By drawing on big data for information regarding personal preferences, previous brand interaction, and purchasing behavior, you can leverage your insights to craft communications which speak to your customer’s unique interests and needs.

2. Cut the crap. Every interaction with your brand should add value to the customer experience. When this is the case, you’ll drive brand loyalty. When it’s not, you risk ruining your customer relationships. In fact, one survey found that 74% of consumers get frustrated when businesses push content, offers, ads, or promotions which are unrelated to their interests, and a full 50% reported that they would discontinue interaction with a business who continued to present irrelevant information.


Customers want to know that your business understands their preferences, and seeks to fulfill their needs. By ensuring that each and every communication adds value to the individual, you’ll inspire the positive feelings which drive brand loyalty, and ensure your customer’s continued engagement.

3. Keep it real. Maintaining brand consistency across multiple channels of interaction is a challenge – but in order to meet the customer demand for authenticity, it needs to be a major priority. Every interaction with your brand should align with your core mission and values, and emphasize your dedication to consistently providing a positive and personalized customer experience. This unified messaging will support your customer’s favorable perception of your business, and reinforce feelings of brand trust.

Improve Digital Communications

The power of technology provides brands and businesses the ability to engage and serve customers like never before – but a strategic focus on the consumer as an individual is essential to maximize your impact, and realize real benefits.

By leveraging the depth of existing customer data to create a high-quality, personalized customer experience, you’ll set yourself apart from the competition, and experience the advantage of consumer connection through increased brand loyalty and advocacy – not to mention increased sales!

For more information on how you can create a personalized customer experience which drives brand advocacy and loyalty, increases business, and improves your bottom line – contact Mood Media, today. We’ll help you decide how to approach your customers in a way that speaks to their unique needs – and set the right mood, from the very beginning.