The music you play in your business is one of the most important elements of your customer experience. When executed with thought and purpose, the right background music can create an emotional connection between your clientele and your brand, influence customer purchasing behavior, and help ensure repeat visits to your business.

As businesses have realized the potential to engage their clientele through background music, there has been a corresponding rise in low-cost services offered by commercial music providers. However, many commercial music providers offer a bland set of predefined options, including canned programs or a limited selection of preset stations that play the same tracks every few hours.

Such restricted playlists disregard the ways that background music inspires customer purchasing behavior, effectively leaving consumers without the type of personalized experience that can have a positive impact on sales. To show you what we mean, we’ve listed the top five ways that background music affects customer behavior.

1 MESSAGE. Your background music should reflect your brand’s unique values and personality. If the message of your music is not relevant to your audience, your audience may perceive you as sending mixed signals. For example, imagine a fine dining environment which is blasting heavy metal – or a children’s toy store which plays only classical music. Your musical selections should be relevant to your environment, and your clientele. When your musical playlist reinforces your brand vision, you’ll send a strong message, and create a lasting connection with your customers.

2 VOLUME. The volume of your music can play a key role in influencing customer behavior. Loud music causes customers to move more quickly and soft tones encourage lingering – so you’ll have to consider your environment and goals when deciding how to set your volume. An ice cream shop with limited tables may find that a slightly louder volume keeps their traffic flowing at the right pace, whereas a large clothing store may benefit from playing their music at a softer volume, encouraging shoppers to browse longer.

3 TEMPO. Background music with a quick pace will boost customer excitement, while a slower pace tends to encourage relaxation. Customers respond to faster tempos by speeding up their experience – which can drive table turnover in restaurants, create excitement or keep shoppers moving steadily through your store. Music with a slower tempo will encourage your clientele to relax and slow down their experience – which may also increase individual buyer spend and promote a more relaxing experience.

4 TIMING. Creating an atmosphere appropriate for each time of day is essential, which means that your commercial music solution should allow dayparted scheduling for your playlists. For example, a restaurant which serves both lunch and dinner may find that a more upbeat playlist is great during the crowded lunch hour – but a more low-key playlist which allows easy conversation is more appropriate for the evening hours. The same goes for holiday music – when your timing is on-point for seasonal changes, your customers will respond favorably.

5 SELECTION. Steer away from cookie-cutter solutions which leave you sounding like one of the herd. Instead, offer your customers a cleverly designed and brandcentric mix that they’ll only hear at your location. Make sure your soundtrack features a blend of old favorites and fresh, new selections, and you’ll find your customers bobbing their heads to your branded playlist. Rotate your playlists appropriately, and update them regularly to maintain customer interest – and avoid employee burnout. Background music offers an excellent avenue for distinguishing your business from the competition – so choose your tunes carefully and ensure that your brand stands out from the rest.

Affordable Background Music

It goes without saying that great music can help you create the ideal customer experience – so spend your time wisely, and select an affordable background music solution which accounts for all five of these elements. Mood Media’s Music solutions do just that – allowing your business to create a completely unique and branded customer experience, while helping you make a lasting connection with your audience.

Interested in learning more about Mood’s affordable background music solutions? We’re happy to help! For more information, or assistance in designing an affordable background music solution at your business, contact our experts today!