The Mood Media Approach to offering Scent Strategy and Design Solutions

For the past decade, Mood Media has strategically partnered with ScentAir, a leading global provider of business scent marketing delivery solutions and systems. We offer over 1600 hypoallergenic aromas that comply with federal regulatory requirements. Together, we can custom develop and engineer fragrances and offer timely, specialized local installation, support and delivery over multiple locations, thanks to our skilled technicians.

Our products are designed for commercial use, making them suitable for high-traffic areas and frequent use. Our solution also bypasses the hassles associated with candles and plug-ins, including the need for frequent replacement and dangerous open flames. And while most plug-ins only cover about 200 sq. ft. and last about two weeks (not to mention requiring electrical outlets and manual changes) our offerings last much longer, with more control and ease of use.

Typical Corporate and Retail Scent Marketing Solutions

  • Ambient – to enhance environments and strengthen customer experiences, cost effectively
  • Billboard – to draw attention to a specific product/service
  • Thematic – to convey a central idea, message, story or locale
  • Signature – to act as the brand’s signature/differentiator

Mood Media Scent Categories Include:

  • Fresh & Clean
  • Crisp & Refreshing
  • Invigorating & Stimulating
  • Exotic & Tropical
  • Fragrant & Floral
  • Passionate & Sensual
  • Luxurious & Sophisticated
  • Warm & Inviting
  • Fun & Whimsical
  • Relaxing & Soothing
  • Holiday & Seasonal
  • Odor Neutralizing


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  • Scent Solutions covering up to 2,000 sq. ft.
  • For the smaller space, we can create ambient environments using dry-air technology to release fragrance without sprays, aerosols or heated oils. This scent marketing solution uses easy to install cartridges that release aromas for approximately 30 days, with adjustable duration and intensity setting for your convenience. It can be mounted to a wall using the provided mounting hardware, set on a shelf, or snapped into most popular brands of track lighting when used with a track lighting kit.

  • Scent Solutions covering up to 30,000 cu. ft.
  • This solution works well with larger spaces by converting aromas into a fine, dry, invisible mist and releasing it directly into an environment. This scent system uses easily replaceable oil cartridges and patent pending atomization technology. It also incorporates noise canceling technology, adjustable intensity settings and a twenty-four hour clock with programmable events. Our scent system covering up to 30,000 cubic feet is low maintenance and uses little voltage and power. It offers a 30° directional fan-assisted output and 180° rotational mount and can be attached to track lighting or wall mounted.

  • Scent Solutions covering up to 500,000 cu. ft.
  • This scent marketing solution releases fragrance into an existing heating and air conditioning ventilation system without sprays, aerosols or heated oils. Adjustable duration and intensity settings make it easy to customize output for any environment. It operates on a twenty-four hour clock with variable cycle times and is available with a single or dual nozzle. Advantages of this system include the fact that it requires no large upfront costs for equipment, is low maintenance with few moving parts and only needs a simple oil replacement. It can be mounted on a wall near an HVAC system.

    Clients can either opt for Zoned Delivery or Wide Area Diffusion. Zoned Delivery is best for smaller controlled areas up to 4,000 sq. ft. where you need to use multiple fragrances flexibly (or might need fragrance-free areas). This is often the case in spaces where shared ventilation is a reality and when a rapid solution is needed. On the other hand, Wide Area Diffusion is best when trying to perfume a large common area with a single smell that is unlikely to change in the future. It is implemented into the current common air handling system and works best when fragrance free zones are not a concern or when trying to cover smoky areas.

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Get in touch with Mood Media today to experience our demo machine for several days or to be directed to specific locations to experience our scent marketing in action. Paid, one-on-one sampling experiences can also be arranged on request.